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Creative ways to entertain kids at weddings and events

When it comes to weddings and events, hosts can be hesitant to incorporate children into the guest list; however, when attention is paid to entertaining tiny tots, having them as little guests at your event can liven the party, make it easier for older guests to attend and allow you to celebrate with some of the most important little people in your life. Be sure to plan ahead and keep them in mind as you schedule activities and entertainment. 

Over the years we have seen many creative ways hosts engage and entertain children at their weddings and events. Some of our favorites (including a few ideas of our own), include:

Mocktail Bar - Create a small station for kids to dream up their favorite kid-friendly drink combinations. Offer a variety of juices, sodas, flavored water, milks, and let them choose from a variety of different toppings. Maraschino cherries and chocolate shavings can be added to the top of a chocolate milkshake. Strawberries can be placed on the rim of a strawberry lemonade. You can even incorporate your theme into the offerings.

Cotton Candy Machine - Sure to appeal to children of all ages, a cotton candy machine is a simple, whimsical addition to your event. Pick your favorite color that plays off your event and let the cotton candy pile high.

Kids' Buffet - Along the same lines as a mocktail bar, a kids' buffet will seem like a dream for the tiny guests, where they can load their plates with their favorite foods as a special treat. For weddings, perhaps the selection includes both the bride and groom's favorite foods growing up. 

Bouncy Castle - Depending on the nature of your event, the presence of a bouncy castle is sure to keep kids busy for hours. Just make sure you have a few designated people (whether parents or babysitters) there to help out as needed.

Mini Photo Booth - Give the younger guests a place they can play throughout the entire event with their own mini sized photo booth. They will love playing in front of the camera with their own props. Plus, they will have a few fun keepsakes to bring home with them. 


No matter the approach including children at your event, the key is to think like a kid, get creative and have fun!