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You're engaged! Now what?

Congratulations! You’ve found the person to which you would like to pledge your life. If that isn’t something to celebrate, what is? From the moment you become engaged, your to do list and stress level can seem to instantly multiply by a hundred. Fear not! We’ve compiled six important pieces of advice to consider once you’ve become engaged.

1) Enjoy the moment! Forget about the planning, the date, the appointments, just enjoy the day and the time that immediately follows. All other things can wait. This is a time of your life you won’t have again, so bask in your bliss for a while, celebrate with your family and friends, raise a glass just the two of you.

2) Once you’ve delighted in the excitement of becoming engaged, decide what you would like to feel (besides the obvious) at your wedding. Would you like an intimate gathering with only immediate family or would you like to include friends and family from near and far? Not only does this set the tone for the entire wedding, it can help manage the guest list. It’s important to remember the wedding is about the two of you joining your lives together. How you want to do so is up to you.

3) Enlist the help of those closest to you. Not only can a wedding itself bring people together, the preparation before the wedding can also do the same. Lean on those closest to you when planning. No matter the size of your wedding, your loved ones will enjoy being part of such a special time of your life.

4) Don’t sweat the small stuff. Much like taking the time to celebrate your initial engagement, make sure you take the time to enjoy the time leading up to the wedding. Planning a wedding can be overwhelming at times (when that happens, refer to point 3), but it can also be so full of joy. Everything will work out in the end.

5) Be true to you. Not everyone feels comfortable with all eyes on them as the blushing bride or groom. On the other hand, others love it! Both are just fine. Your partner fell in love with you just as you are. Be honest about your feelings, be true to who you are and it will all end up as it should.

6) Finally, put the right team in place. From caterer to photographer, wedding planner to florist, there are many people who can (and others you may not wish to) play a role in your wedding. Decide what’s important to you, what may not be quite as important to you and start doing a bit of research. But don’t just rely on pretty pictures and fancy websites. Get in touch with the vendors, have a conversation with them and see how you get along. Do they understand your vision? Would you like spending time together throughout the process? Having the right people in place leading up to the wedding can truly make a difference. (And when it comes to this one, just make sure you give us a call!)